Dog Kennel’s


FNW Champion Animal Enclosures are constructed from high quality steel with timber flooring making them strong and durable. Our Dog Kennels are built from excellent designs to ensure your best friend is comfortable, safe and secure at all times. Having two doors, one at the front and another at the rear, makes each cage very accessible and our kennels are easy to move about. We fabricate 1 – 5 dog bay runs and stainless – steel drinkers are available for each run. The patented design allows for any person to easily maintain their very own Champion Animal Enclosure. FNW can custom manufacture your cage to suit your measurements or preferences.

Below are the standard measurements or our Custom Made Dog Kennels:

  • 1 BAY – 1150 x 2400
  • 2 BAY – 2300 x 2400
  • 3 BAY – 3400 x 2400
  • 4 BAY – 4500 x 2400
  • 5 BAY – 6000 x 2400

Dog Box

Stainless-Steel Drinkers installed in above Dog Kennel


Animal Enclosures

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